Shocked China shocked the world’s ten famous Yixing teapot!

Seven thousand years of ceramic civilization in China — Yixing, is the principal wealth of our country, bearing the ancient civilization and modern glory. Purple sand, celadon, pottery, fine pottery, painted pottery, known as Yixing ceramic art “Five Golden Flower”, and the reputation of China’s ten sets of “Fu pot”, in Yixing. And Yixing purple pottery pot, and the famous indissoluble bond.
In Yixing, the Chinese pottery, pot base, also said the teapot, we detail our ten international shock name pot.
1, purple black lacquer painted pots
The pot is straight and slightly oblong. Yong Zheng, love color purple clay inner beauty was the emperor, color antique, charm pleasant tea pot, tea pot represents the aesthetic taste of Yong Zheng.
See the circle in the square of the body, and see the square in the circle. Bend, square handle, door foot. Out side cover, Square Pavilion button. Yixing pot in the inner tube, outer painted black paint, with gold color painting. The kettle body painted gilt intact, cover most fall. The kettle body four are drawn into the landscape pavilion map, making plum pot handle and stream. The use of lacquer painting in color Miaojin techniques, the kettle body is decorated with beautiful decoration.
The appearance of atmospheric composition plump, delicate, beautiful decoration, gold lacquer painting is unusual, with a typical the Imperial Palace museum is the only royal manners, Yong Zheng toward the purple tire Miaojin painting pot.
2, Shi Dabin Yixing tire lacquer square pot

During the period of the Ming Dynasty Yixing tea start, enter the palace of the teapot is used as inner tube, the old Tibetan Inscription Shidabin purple lacquer square pot, is the only international treasure handed down. In addition, the glaze should be suitable for the Ming, middle and future. The excellent works during the period will become the top-grade furnishings of the palace.
3, purple sand pot oblate persimmon
Compared with the other name of pot, the pot slightly oblate persimmon purple, “cunning”, the perfect arc design, also revealed that the hard edge design, make the pot looks, not flexible, perhaps too slick, fully meet the aesthetic needs of the people.
4, purple pumpkin pot edge oasis.
Melon pot prism, crank, short curved flow, melon shaped cover, pearl button, quanzu. Purple tube, cover and the abdomen painted gold lotus, pastel oasis bats, miscellaneous Po lines, the gold color, which decorate the red yellow and blue color, bright color, beautiful decoration. Is purple gold color with “Qing Qianlong” six character seal. This pot is the first burn tube in Yixing, presented by the palace office processing process for gold, painting, book. Through this process, the work is finished.
Porcelain decoration development to Qianlong period presents a luxury and magnificent atmosphere, palace purple pottery is also affected, purple sand tire plus color is very popular. This pot is in possession of a plateau, stored in the emperor’s palace Yangxin hall, is the emperor Qian Long’s love of purple boutique.

Purple sand teapot auction price, after seeing, I am not calm

The teapot in the auction market bullish market, is a collection of “antiques”, the works of famous masters are often hard to find a pot, is the so-called “human mention taking jewelry, is like a mud Yangxian pill”. The purple sand pot is a special hand-made clay handicraft made by the Han nationality in china. Made of purple clay origin in Jiangsu Yixing dingshuzhen also known as the Yixing teapot. It is said that the founder of the teapot is China spring of the Ming dynasty. In a pot, from the Ming Dynasty Zhengde Jiajing spring tree gall pot, six petal round capsule pot, and two to the contemporary global tea tea – Chinese dragon Yixing Yuanyang pot, each pot all have great originality. Because of the perfect combination of artistry and practicability, the purple sand pot is so precious and memorable. More on the benefits of Teapot Tea and Zen tea blindly culture, which also increased the purple noble decent geniality.
The teapot generally belongs to the literati art, simple elegance, the pursuit is basically is the pursuit of the literati. Like Chinese literati paintings, poetry, books, paintings and prints merge into one. If we take the literati’s artistic eyes to see the purple sand pot, it reflects another form of literati painting. The teapot has a collection of functions, many famous Potter builders in history, such as Shi Dabin, Dong Han, spring, Chen Hongshou’s works have become rare treasures, collectors chasing the treasure. In modern times, there are many master craft masters who make teapots, and their works are more artistic.
Four seasons
Gao Jian: “four seasons Ruyi”
The teapot collection is not the present, modern and contemporary works than expensive paintings, furniture and art auction market situation roughly the same. In 2011, Beijing Shanghai and other places have organized the teapot auction auction, from the first to the end of the year, teapot market gains of about 1 to 2 times, the famous teapot is up more amazing prices, hundreds of million. In the purple sand pot collection market, the master of modern purple pottery, such as Gu Jingzhou’s works, is already a market benchmark, a small pot of more than million, afraid that collectors are afraid to bring tea, can only be brought straight in the safe. Later, Zhu Kexin peers or Jiang Rong, Wang Yinchun, Wu Yungen and other works have also soared, because the older generation of pot art master works is not hidden in the hands of experienced collectors, is kept in the museum, is scarce in the market. In recent years, some of the “late master works”, the authenticity of often attracted criticism within the circle, troubled by the efforts of many people pay. Whether ancient purple sand pot or contemporary purple sand pot, only meets the following 4 points, it is worth collecting.
Purple sand pot is called “art”, because it is a perfect combination of traditional poetry, books, painting and printing art. It is a form of artistic creation which originates from life and is higher than life. A good purple sand pot, in addition to the form of perfection and exquisite workmanship, but also to examine the choice of patterns, decorative materials and production techniques. An excellent purple sand painting must be able to express the language of art, be able to mold the temperament, enlighten the mind, and bring people aesthetic feelings.

The literati purple peak, Gu Jingzhou five Shipiao

At the end of 40s Gu Jingzhou often between Yixing and Shanghai, the iron master Xuan introduced to Jiang Hanting Dai Xiangming, Tang Yun, Wu Hufan, Wang Renfu, Lai Chusheng and other famous painting and calligraphy carving, so that Gu Jingzhou’s creative thoughts and artistic style of different horizons of nutrients.
In 1948, when Gu Jingzhou was 34, he was in his early years. He crafted five stone gourd pot, in addition to a retention, four had donated Xiangming, wearing Jiang Hanting, Tang Yun, Wu Hufan. Five of the Shipiao pot achievements of a story between a maritime scholar and master Gu Jingzhou, and modern history of the most benchmark of a pot of literati masterpiece.
“Iron painting Xuan” in Gu Jingzhou’s life, is an indispensable place. Dai Xiangming Gu Jingzhou is a very important friend, many excellent works are by Xuan was out of its. Gu and Dai are also the three dynasties. In the works and materials of Gu Gu’s works, Gu Jingzhou has always been commensurate with my brother. Call brother easy, and this “my brother”, but people moving.
The five to the Shipiao story, not wearing a Xiangming bypass, elegant thing really hard to promote. Gu Jingzhou Dai Xiangming for his friendship, gratitude, is also reflected in his special gift to build the pot in pot lid is Gu Jingzhou, Dai Xiangming is at the end of paragraph. As early as 2010 (“Ming Shipiao” had participated China Guardian spring art auction, after several rounds of bidding, and finally to 12 million 320 thousand yuan a drop, was the teapot auction world record. )

A purple made small water chestnut to mark ten!

In June Sotheby’s Hongkong “China art special, a purple made of water chestnut, valued at 100 thousand to HK $150 thousand.
At the beginning of the Qing Dynasty Chen Zi Yixing border water chestnut “sub paragraph” border 8.5 cm: 100 thousand – 150 thousand Hong Kong dollars valuation

Small earthen fruits like water chestnut, vivid and natural, do not have interest, won the Yixing Tao people are in accordance with this inscription, the author in the late Ming Dynasty to early Qing Dynasty Yixing artist Chen Zi qi.
Chen Ziqi is a native of Zhejiang, Tongxiang, the history of its “pot”, “imitation friends of the best spring pot”, “works”, “pot”, “Cup”, “bottle box” objects, techniques in Xu Youquan, for the world’s treasure”. That is to say, the level of Chen Zi’s bed is close to that of Xu Youquan. Xu Youquan is a disciple of Shi Dabin, and I am also a famous painter of purple clay.
Another historical records of the same people fall into a reverie, that is “the cloud is the father of Chen Mingyuan or Chen Ziqi, is likely to be a generation of master Chen Mingyuan’s father yixing. That is to say, Chen Zi ridge should be a bridge transition between Xu Youquan and Chen Mingyuan.
Xu Youquan, famous Heng, four years of Ming Dynasty Chongzhen sixteen years (1576-1643) to Jiangxi Wuyuan. Xu Youquan’s works have a unique style, every kind of teapot can handy, especially to make myself a mud, mud color changeable, have a distinctive flavour. Pug for his works are his own preparation. Xu Youquan’s pot art, called “Adsale Seiko still following the United States”, inherited by pot art tradition, Shi Dabin ushered in the spring.
Beijing poly 5th anniversary auction Xu Youquan purple antique “tiger Jin Heng” pot
Specific to the water chestnut, but in a sketch like purple.
The so-called “elephant”, also known as “color device”, jargon called “Flower goods.””. The teapot is based on plants, animals, utensils and figures, with more plants and animals, followed by utensils, and the figures are rare. There are pine, bamboo and plum, lotus, peony, chrysanthemum, peach, pomegranate, Begonia, gourd, pumpkin, pumpkin, watermelon, mango, bergamot, grapes and other plants in water chestnut. Among animals are dragon, Phoenix, bird, squirrel, lion, tiger, elephant, chicken, duck, fish and so on. Qin Zhong, Han Zhong, artifacts, wells, stone lanterns, splints bar, boat and baggage etc.. A man, a monk character. A part of the image generator is all simulated, so that the object is indistinguishable visually, and the other is skillfully processed by the art processing, and the bionic modeling is skillfully blended with the purple sand pot, which is not interesting.

His tea set will be sold at 25 million yuan. What will happen to your tea set?

Another year of college entrance examination season, although most fans like purple sand have passed the age of the college entrance examination,
The annual college entrance examination season, will have changed their feelings, think of that year’s college entrance examination.
If you have children, you will worry about the battles of your children
Especially standing outside, even more anxious than the children in the examination room.
Gu Jingzhou nine plum tea
April showers bring May flowers
From ancient times to the present, the process of students’ study will always be more than plum blossom to blossom.
It is true that twelve years of hard work for students is a lesson for everyone.
As everyone knows, parents for their children’s cultivation, more like the Gu Jingzhou Yixing tea “nine plum tea”, from conception to the completion of the process.
“Nine plum tea” created in 1970s. Early during the Cultural Revolution Jingzhou Gu suffered unrighted wrong, frustrated, parents have died in early 70s, finally gradually out of the dark period of life. After a long period of low profile, full nutrient Ji literati art Gu Jingzhou, repeatedly with expert at Nanjing University and the Nanjing Museum, the Museum of ancient sites, traveled, inject new life into artistic career, towards the innovation road.

Gu Jingzhou’s works mainly in the single pot creation, even the cup set is rare, this “plum tea” as many as nine head of (a pot and four cups, four Torr), precious. Gu Shiji attaches great importance to traditional hand-made pot art, from manual hammer to row mud kiln for burning, a sand mud, a cup holder, Qinliqinwei, no way.
The whole unit to prune design, the spout is horn type, water injection out of homeopathy, powerful; the pot takes up, winding Cangjin, take comfort. The body of the pot is decorated with plum blossoms. The petals are full and the lines are clear. The sculptures are exquisite and elegant.
The tea is fresh and refined, can realize a good plum of indomitable spirit, tolerance is full of pot body has, in good out of a bandbox. The shape, the spirit and the shape contained in the purple pottery are shown in detail, and the individual style is established. To verify the specific world to Gu Jingzhou “Purple arts into the art brush evaluation generation Mi fan slim wind”.
The moment the child was born, it was like a group of ordinary purple clay.
When each parent gets the purple mud, he begins to think about what he is going to carve. The child begins to worry more about the moment he goes to school.
Sometimes, the idea is not smooth, and found that the work is not baked when you want, parents will be upset, will complain about their skills are not fine, but never thought to give up.
Different pot type, like parents want to mold personality, not the same pattern, just as parents for children special talent cultivation.
The college entrance exam is like an auction, and the result of the exam is an account of one’s study career. Every parent hopes that his children can get a satisfactory result at that moment.
In 2014 the Noriyoshi spring auction, master Gu Jingzhou, nine head of plum tea set to 25 million yuan, plus commission after the price of 28 million 750 thousand yuan were sold.
We have been out of sand master Gu Jingzhou, but the craft, children, we use a life time to create the “tea”, the component in our heart is definitely not lost nine head plum tea on the purple circle component.
We can’t decide the child’s scores, but this moment, also hope every parent to relax, believe their cultivation, believe that children’s hard work, I believe he can achieve a satisfactory result in this exam, to their favorite college

2017 purple sand art festival, ShangHai Railway Station opening ceremony, wonderful afternoon to continue!

The scene of the event, nearly 100 pot friends came to attend, the atmosphere warm, interactive and orderly, scene and pot attached to many, the pot friends enthusiasm is really higher than the sun outside!
Live scene

Afternoon activities in an orderly manner, interactive guessing game, it aroused the enthusiasm of the pot friends.
Kettle guessing game
There are prizes for the correct answers
After guessing the puzzle, Mr. Chen Guoliang demonstrated calligraphy skills on the spot, and wrote three calligraphy respectively. They were presented to the friends of the scene and the pot attached to each other.
Chen Guoliang teacher site inscription
It is time to spell luck, the afternoon of the first prize “column like” and two prize “cover cup” have been sent out, the next activity is not very heart? There are still so many prizes free delivery, remember your early and exclusive consultant appointment oh!
Live draw
Winning the pot friends photo taken
The final time to arrange free arrangements for the pot friends, we have gathered to Chen Guoliang teacher side, there are Kam pot, there are questions, there are pictures, in short, all requirements have been met one by one, this trip, worth!

Purple sand pot and value investment

What is the value of the investment? If you go to Jiangsu Yixing dingshuzhen selected a teapot, not the master, but pay attention to the use of materials, elaborate, beautiful. Because of your professional knowledgeable, pricing does not exceed the fair market value, durable, can edify sentiment. This pot is like a value proposition. Investing in this pot is also a value investment.
President Mr. Yang Zi performed in 92 million Juli group bought a Gu Jingzhou teapot in 2015 autumn auction in Beijing east. Despite the creation of a new auction of China’s purple sand pot, but the industry recognized that the price is reasonable. The price of 92 million yuan has gone far beyond the practical value, but this master can still maintain and increase value for a long time. The pot is still a value proposition. Mr Yang Zi’s investment is still value investing.
Ruquan – Xu Anhua carving

The works of Dong Yafang Xu Anhua [Ruquan Kehui] number: 15621
Around 1996, the Jiangsu arts and Crafts Museum, listed on the A stock market, bought several masters of Gu Jingzhou at a very low price based on a very professional anticipation. Holding up to now, these investments may have appreciated several hundred times. At that time a few of the purple sand pot is growing stocks. The investment of Jiangsu arts and Crafts Museum is a model of value investment.
Value investing is the investment behavior in which the transaction price is consistent with the intrinsic value, and the expected return matches the investment risk. Many people confuse value investment with investment value companies. In fact, value investing is rich in content, and investment growth and value companies belong to value investment category. In layman’s terms, value investing is the mining of reasonably priced and even undervalued varieties that can be quantified by an accepted professional perspective.

The racquet is purple and Xiling tea props special

Purple and tea props special -8 25 20:30 started 24 hours after the sequential auction. The end of the summer, a tea table, choose a good tea, indulge in a field without my tea, tea cool. Although the beginning of autumn has passed, the heat has not receded, depressed over, everything is easy to worrisome. If you take a moment to brew a pot of sand, green tea, not only refreshing solution can be annoying, experience Gu Xian “seven bowl subject to taste, a pot was really fun, to hundreds of thousands of verse, not tea” fun, Why not?.
Tea set
In the July session, we launched the first fit seasonal “summer”, “autumn” tea table, attention and recognition of many friends, this pushed the “spring” and “winter” theme, will again become the highlight. This kind of tea table containing tea category of nearly twenty species, by professional tea carefully selected elegant appearance, easy use of tea to display, accompanied by music, tea, tea, tea theme recommended method, especially suitable for tea and tea on the choice of interest can not start tea.
Purple tea and tea props, special “spring tea”, “tea ceremony”, a set of seventeen pieces
Purple tea and tea props, special “spring tea”, “tea ceremony”, a set of seventeen pieces
Purple clay utility
This part is still full of manual and practical sand pot mainly, but also the core of the special. Dozens of different material, different shapes, different sizes of sand pots, tea for one selection. 2017 Xiling spring auction three Gen Mansheng teapot Yixing party on record, caused the attention of scholars in the pot. We invited Professor Lu Dadong of The China Academy of Art and senior purple craft artist Bao Hanghua cooperation three works, including the Han duo pot, pot and Acacia Acacia Yan, is produced by Bao Hanghua Lu, Dadong drawing and making rubbings inscriptions is framed, brilliant, hope to get the favor of tibet.

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